Free Digi for followers ends at 5:00pm today!

Posted: Friday, March 12, 2010 by WARD Digis in

I cant believe the response I recieved for the free digi for followers. Who would have thought people who actually want one of my drawings. Im so excited! The bad news is that offer ends at 5:00 pm today. The good news is that Monday I will have new digis offered and starting monday a free digi twice a month, so check back often. Thank you so much for your support ! Now im off to buy another sketch pad and pens with the money I made selling a few :)


  1. How do we download the freebie? There doesn't appear to be a link. It's 12:21 p.m. Mountain Standard Time with me so I don't think It's 5:00 p.m. where you are unless you're in ther UK. When you have a limited time to get a freebie in the future, could you please state what time zone?

  1. Ardilla says:

    Your drawings are amazing!

    I would love to have them, but don´t know how... (I´m a follower of yours)

    Happy week end!

  1. This is really weird. You said you were offering a freebie. If you had a good response from offering the freebie, where in the world did you post it? How did they download it? I'm a follower. Next time you post a freebie, please give instructions on how to see it and download it. Thank you!!