A few Cards from DT Emily and Jammie

Posted: Friday, March 12, 2010 by WARD Digis in Labels:

Emilys Cards
Wheelbarrow and fence used in this card. Doesnt that rust look real? amzing!
Emily used the fence for this cute lil easter card. Isnt it darling?

Jammie used the mower on this masculine birthday card! I love it !
Jammie made this fun card using the teen girl with lots of polka dots. Isn't this cute?


  1. all super! thanks for sharing.

  1. Emily Ann says:

    Jammie, I love your sentiment on your lawnmower card! xoxox em

  1. thanks Em!!!! you must have a billion digis!!!! I'm so jealous!!!!

  1. Emily Ann says:
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